Ingars Reinholds, Iveta Pugajeva, Vadims Bartkevičs
1.марта, 2016

Chemical contaminants, such as pesticides and natural toxins produced by fungi (mycotoxins) are a food safety risk, therefore it is important to be able to reliably detect and quantify such contaminants in food.


A promising technique has been demonstrated in this study for simultaneous analysis of mycotoxin and pesticide residues in spices. The presence of three different mycotoxins and twelve different pesticide residues was detected in ground paprika samples undertaken for the study.
Efficiency and detection sensitivity of ultra-high performance liquid chromatography – high resolution mass spectrometry (Orbitrap) was compared to tandem mass spectrometry. The high resolution method was found more sensitive than tandem mass spectrometry and validation results were compliant with the EU legislation. The method could be proposed for multi-component analysis of dried paprika and other spices and herbs consisting of complex matrices.  

The scientific article was marked highly cited on Thomson Reuters Web of Science in May and June 2016, meaning that the scientific community is interested in the results of this study.

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