Possibilities offered by the Institute of Food safety, Animal health and Environment "BIOR" for enhancing the qualification

The Institute organises and manages theoretical, practical (individual classes in the laboratory) and complex training (training which combines theoretical and practical parts) for the employees of the Institute as well as for managers and specialists of other laboratories or organisations by taking into account the needs of the customer.

The Laboratory of Food and Environmental Investigations (LFEI) is the largest structural unit of the Institute which offers training possibilities in the Element Analysis Division, Chemistry Division, Microbiology Division, Parasitology Division, Liquid Chromatography Division, and Gas Chromatography Division.

In the Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory (ADDL), it is possible to conduct training at the Pathology Division, Microbiology Division, Virology Division, Serology Division, and Molecular Biology Division. 

We offer to perfect knowledge:

  •      In the Laboratory of Food and Environmental Investigations – about testing of food products (chemistry, microbiology, sensory of food products, and parasitology);
  •      In the Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory – about various themes (microbiology, serology, virology);
  •      Seminaries and training courses "Minimum hygiene requirements in food enterprises " and "Ensuring food safety – compliance with HACCP principles, ensuring self-control" in both the premises of the institute and in any place suitable for the customer;
  •      Training courses on classification of animal carcasses (bovine and swine).

Training programs are developed under the guidance of highly qualified specialists of the Institute, in accordance with the wishes of the customer, and certificate is issued after the training. Seminaries and individual training are conducted pursuant previous application of the customer and after coordination of the program.

The payment for the training is determined in the pricelist of the Institute. Separate or specific training is conducted in accordance with the Agreement. We organise also the training within the frame-work of fulfilment of the functions of the National Reference Laboratory in the areas of food testing and diagnostics of animal diseases.

You can apply for the training or seminars by filling in and sending the form, or by sending an email to address: krista.gobina@bior.lv

Contact person: 

Krista Gobiņa
Personnel training specialist of the Personnel Division

Telephone: +371 67620668; 29530505
email: krista.gobina@bior.lv