Since 2014, the Institute of Food safety, Animal health and Environment “BIOR” has been performing the tasks envisaged for the competent institution with regard to the cooperation with the European Commission and the European Food safety Authority (EFSA) regarding the indications of health claims and nutritional value on food products. The duties of the Institute “BIOR” include:

  • checks of applications of entrepreneurs regarding the indications on health claims and transferring of valid applications to EFSA;
  • consultations to interested persons regarding the use of health claims indications,
  • the experts of the Institute take part in working groups organised by the European Commission regarding the indications on nutritional value and health claims.

The indications on nutritional value and health claims are usually printed by entrepreneurs on the packaging of food product. They are also used in advertising materials and in other communication with potential customer in order to point out the positive qualities of the characteristics of the product which are ensured for the product by its nutritional substances and other substances that are in the composition of the product, including, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, irreplaceable fatty acids, cellular tissues, various plants and plant extracts with nutritional value or physiological influence.