Specific genetic material of Mycoplasma spp.
Category: Veterinary investigations
Animal species: Sheep, Deer, Swine, Bovine, Cat, Goat, Fur-bearing animal, Laboratory animal, Dog, Horse
Disease/Examination: Mycoplasmosis
Type of analysis/testing
Molecular biology

Tracheal swab, sample from tissue of respiratory organs, pleural fluid, lymph nodes, synovial fluid (for animals with signs of arthritis), EDTA stabilized blood, semen, urine;

EDTA stabilized blood (for cats only)


Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)

Sample volume, packaging

Nasal or oro-faringeal swab, bronchoalveolar fluid, suspensions of respiratory system tissues, lung, trachea - not less than 1 ml stabilized blood in vacuum test tube, urine, semen in sterile container (+5±3) °C

Turnaround time (business days)
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