Preparation of culture media

More than 50 laboratories of the institute prepare microbiological culture media for the testing process. In 2001, “Microbiological culture media production system” was introduced, significantly increasing the production volumes and providing opportunity to supply other laboratories with the culture media.

The quality of culture media production process and the quality of each culture medium is confirmed by the quality management system introduced by the Institute pursuant to the requirements of LVS EN ISO 9001 standard. The quality control of the culture media is performed pursuant to the requirements of LVS CEN ISO/TS 11133-2 standard.

The composition of culture media meets the requirements of international standards for the examinations of foodstuffs, animal feed, water and hygiene. The culture media are offered for the use in laboratories operating in the area of examinations of foodstuffs, water, hygiene and medical – micro-biological examinations.

Use of micro-biological culture media

The Micro-biology and Parasitology Division of the Institute offers: 

  • Liquid and agarised culture media in test-tubes;
  • Agarised culture media in Petri plates (dimensions: 60 mm, 90 mm, 140 mm);
  • Liquid and agarised culture media in bulbs and bottles.

The catalogue contains the most demanded culture media only.

The description of culture medium contains parameters, observation of which provides good quality results:

  • Description of form of the typical microorganisms;
  • Incubation mode;
  • Useful life.

All culture media are subject to quality control, and for the purposes of the quality control, positive and negative microorganism culture has been specified.


Before the use, culture media should be stored in a room with the air humidity at least 40%, the specified temperature, in thermostable film, in darkness, preventing any impact of sunbeams. Culture media are packed in thermostable film after the production, thereby prolonging their useful life and delaying desiccation of the culture media. Guaranteed useful life of culture media after opening of the special thermostable film packing reduces to 7 days.

The culture media excluded from the catalogue can also be produced upon previous agreement.