Why is it important?

Determination of nutritional value is a significant aspect in developing new products and presenting existing products in the market. The scientific institute “BIOR” offers its clients analysis and calculations of nutritional value and energy value based on accredited methods. 

The institute “BIOR” offers

Our experts will prepare test reports in a tabular form as an additional benefit for your convenience, calculating each parameter per 100 grams of a product.

Complete testing package for especially friendly price is offered for every group of products based on the requirements stipulated in Regulation (EU) No. 1169/2011 on the provision of food information to consumers. 

Consult with the institute “BIOR”

For detailed information, please contact our experts at the Sales Division via telephone: +371 67620359 or e-mail: sales@bior.lv.


(Form of Results form)


If no salt has been added to the product, but volume of NaCl is calculated applying the formula Na × 2.5 the following note is added:
* ”Content of salt is a result of the presence of natural natrium only (see Article 30 of and Annex I to the Regulation (EU)).”
If necessary, the row “Including polyols” can be added to the section “Carbohydrates”by“”, as well as rows “Salatrims”, “Spirit (ethanol)”, „Na”, etc.