You can apply for sample collection electronically by filling in the application form below, and to call the sampler to the place of your convenience, considering your geographical location.

Mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk.

After filling in the application form the following information must considered:

  • Sample description: provided production date; batch volume, if any; if the place of origin of products is outside Latvia, the country of production must be specified; amount of product (gr or kg) intended for the testing of the determinable indicators; indicating the packing of the product (original or any other packing – for example, polystyrene bag);
  • Determinable indicators: You can choose parameters and services from: Price List

If you are not sure about the determinable indicators and would like to obtain information on the specific test and the possibility to use the obtained results, please contact our experts at the Sales Division via telephone: +371 67620359 or e-mail: