Scientific Databases

Electronic data bases and bibliographic reference data bases are available in the Institute. These data bases provide wide possibilities to search and filter information. Search, studying, referencing and publishing of original scientific articles is an important part of scientific work. Any other scientific literature, for example articles of review, conference thesis or books is also useful.



ScienceDirect® is electronic storage of articles offered by publisher Elsevier. It contains full text of articles in science, technologies and medicine with bibliographic information. Data base offers a wide range of the possibilities making search, browsing, and receiving news easier, as well as manging articles the user is interested in. The data base contains more than 3800 high quality scientific journals and 35000 books which cover more than 24 areas of research.


Scopus® is the largest bibliographic reference data base which includes abstracts from reviewed scientific literature – journals, books and conference materials. The data base contains publications that correspond to determined quality criteria. It offers tools for searching, analysing, visualising and saving the information about articles the user is interested in. It also timely provides updated information. This data base offers a possibility to obtain a detailed review about the scientific activities in any area of research.


SciVal® is a tool that is intended for the comparison of scientific performance of about 7500 institutions in 220 countries (institutes, universities, companies, etc.). SciVal offers to compare and analyse institutions, authors, groups of researchers, countries and a large amount of publications on the basis of various bibliographic data, including, various factors of influence, number of publications, number of views and key words, as well as on the basis of patents published. This tool offers a possibility not only to assess personal or organisational performance and to compare it with others but also to look for potential partners of cooperation and topical areas of research.

web of science

Thomson Reuters Web of Science™ is a large global bibliographic reference data base which includes abstracts and bibliographic data of reviewed scientific literature in more than 12000 scientific publications. The data base offers wide possibilities of search and result analysis, in particular to browse through referencing and referred articles.


Database BIODATA

"BIOR" Fish Resources Research Department’s Information and Data division develops and manages BIODATA - the biological data system for the fisheries of Latvia. The data system was launched in 2003 for storage and exchange of scientific data (biological, hydrobiological and oceanographic). The data system is used extensively in carrying out the Latvian National Program for Collection of Fisheries Data and in the subsequent data processing and preparation in compliance with other international databases (FishFrame, DATRAS, etc.) as part of the framework of the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES).