Progress report of the eight period of the post-doctoral research project 1.1.2/VIAA/1/16/219

Main activities during the 8th period (01.07.-30.09.2019):

  • A scientific paper “Occurrence and dietary exposure assessment of mycotoxins, biogenic amines and heavy metals in mould-ripened blue cheeses” was prepared for submission to the international journal “Food Additives & Contaminant: part B” (WP3, planned milestone M 3.3).
  • Screening tests for mycotoxin distribution in Camelia Sinensis (pu-erh, black, oolong and green tea) parts and herbal products (n>160) were completed. A simultaneous detection of total fungi and identification of the main fungi using MALDI-TOF-MS was started. The results were processed to prepare a poster for the scientific conference World Mycotoxin Forum 2019, which will be presented in Belfast, UK, 2019, October 14-16 (WP3, milestone M 3.6).
  • For finalising of WP2, and completing activity 2.3. (scientific data set on mycotoxins in agricultural crops), research collaboration with AREI institute for sample collection was discussed, as well as the literature study on mycotoxin detection methods in cereals was provided (results will be obtained within next periods for reference points of milestones 3.2, 3.4 and 3.6 - know-how description, conference theses, publication).
  • As part of Activity 4, the postdoctoral fellow participated in two public events: a quiz on mycotoxins was presented in the Riga Food 2019 Food Exhibition stand of BIOR on September 6, and on September 27 an activity called 'Discover chemical science: Food Safety and the Four Elements' Air, Fire, Water and Earth' was organised within the European Scientists' Night 2019. 

The cooperation institution is The State Education Development Agency (SEDA). Project duration is 36 months. Total costs are 133 806 EUR where 85% is financed by European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

The report was prepared on 30.09.2019.