The national reference laboratory is the leading laboratory in the state which in the specific area official testing has been nominated in accordance with the requirements of EU and national legislation.

In accordance with Regulation No. 882/2004 “On official controls performed to ensure the verification of compliance with feed and food law, animal health and animal welfare rules”, there are certain areas determined in which the European Union reference laboratories are appointed (Annex VII of the Regulation), and in each of these areas the EU Member states are mandatory required to choose the national reference laboratory (Article 33 of the Regulation No882/2004) which has the following functions:

  • to cooperate with European Union reference laboratory;
  • to coordinate the activities of the laboratories performing official control;
  • to organise comparative tests among official state laboratories and to ensure appropriate control of work performed on the basis of the comparative tests;
  • to ensure the distribution of the information delivered by the reference laboratory of the Community  to the competent institution and official state laboratories;
  • to provide scientific and technical assistance to the competent institution in the implementation of its plans of control.

Regulatory provisions of Latvia that regulate the functions of the national reference laboratories:


Regulations of Cabinet of Ministers  and European Union Regulations

  • Regulation of Cabinet of Ministers No. 864 of 4th August 2009 “Regulation on granting the status of reference laboratory and order of accreditation, functions and duties as well as the requirements determined for the equipment and appliances in the areas of food, animal feed and veterinary”
  • Commission Regulation (EC) No 543/2008 of 16 June 2008 laying down detailed rules for the application of Council Regulation (EC) No 1234/2007 as regards the marketing standards for poultrymeat

Laboratories of the Institute of Food safety, Animal health and Environment “BIOR” (further on – Institute “BIOR”) have partly been performing the functions of the leading laboratory already since establishment of the Institute.  Regulation of Cabinet of Ministers No.834 of 4th December 2007 “Regulation on granting the status of reference laboratory and order of accreditation, functions and duties as well as requirements determined for the equipment and appliances of reference laboratory” listed the area, for which the National Diagnostic Centre of Food and Veterinary Service (now Institute “BIOR”) is nominated as national reference laboratory.

In accordance with the authorisation, the Institute "BIOR" has been nominated as the national reference laboratory in the following areas:

  • Food, materials and objects intended to come into contact with foodstuffs, animal proteins in feedingstuffs, residues including pesticide residues, and anti-microbial resistance of the agents of diseases – 25 areas

The list of areas and contact persons 

  • Diagnostics of animal diseases - 18 areas and control and supervision over the standards and methods of diagnosis – 3 areas

The list of areas and contact persons


EU approved rabies serology laboratory in Latvia (Decision 2000/258/EC)


Having regard to the fact that laboratory diagnostics is the area in which technological development happens rapidly, the national reference laboratory must ensure immediate fulfilment of all newest requirements and their implementation in official control. In addition to the aforementioned, such a laboratory must be able to develop, optimize and validate the methods of laboratory examinations, as well as to maintain the bank of agent stems and samples, the bank of antigens of agents, a stock of the set of diagnostic regents, specific bank of immunoglobulin and serum, as well as to perform laboratory examinations in the granted area of reference and, in case of disputes, to confirm or refuse the results of laboratories authorized or accredited by the state in the granted area of reference.

The national reference laboratory is the only state laboratory which constantly - 24h per day – maintain the readiness of their technologies and personnel for extraordinary situations and outbreaks of animal infection diseases. 

As the official control is performed by taking into account also the results of examinations performed by the companies dealing with the circulation of animal feed and food in accordance with HACCP programs, it is important to ascertain about the competence of the laboratories of the company which might be achieved by involving these laboratories in the training organized by the national reference laboratory and by participation in inter-laboratory comparative testing organized by it.

In accordance with the legislation the member states must ensure the functions of reference in all appointed areas because in the opposite case the competence of laboratories involved in official control will be disputed at the level of the European Commission, and consequently – the credibility of the official control to be performed in the state. The fulfilment of the reference functions in a full scale will provide a possibility to make a considerable improvement of the ability of Latvia as EU member state, as well as its competence to justify the opinion with regard to the perfection of supervision and control mechanisms of various infection disease agents and food pollutants, as well as its regulatory values, which in turn will foster the export capability of the sector.