The main indicator of the quality of work of Institute "BIOR" is customers' satisfaction. In order to achieve it, the Institute provides services in accordance with the requirements of the applicable regulatory provisions and complies with the principles of quality, objectivity and independence.

Each employee of the Institute follows the basic principles of professional ethics that are laid down in the Code of Ethics of  Institute "BIOR". In case of situations that are not prescribed in the Code of Ethics, the employees of the Institute act in accordance with general principles of behaviour and moral values.

All laboratories of the Institute have been assessed and accredited in accordance with standard LVS EN ISO/IEC 17025:2017 “General Requirements for the Competence of Testing and Calibration Laboratories”. The Institute is in charge of the choice of methods used for analysis as well as their application and compliance with the requirements of EU legislation. Standardised testing methods (ISO, EN, LVS standard methods, methods included in EU Regulations, NMKL and etc.) and methods developed by the laboratories of the Institute are used in its daily work. High professionalism of the Medical Laboratory of the Institute has been evaluated with the accreditation certificate which confirms its competence to perform examinations in the area of microbiology in compliance with the requirements laid down in standard LVS EN ISO 15189:2013 “Medical Laboratories – Requirements for Quality and Competence”.

To compare the Institute to other laboratories in Latvia, as the laboratory involved in the official control, the Institute has to comply with a range of criteria for the application of methods for the supervision processes: correctness, quantitative and qualitative determination border, precision, replicability, reproducibility, selectivity, sensitivity, linearity, etc. Apart from that, all qualitative analysis must evaluate uncertainty of the measurements. On the one hand, these criteria impose additional financial, technological and intellectual burden on the laboratories and decrease the competitiveness of the laboratories in free market in comparison with the laboratories for which the aforementioned requirements are not binding. However, on the other hand, it ensures substantially higher level of credibility for the results of specific analysis as well as for the state official supervision in whole. The aforementioned creates comprehensive methodological foundation of knowledge and technologies for extended experimental studies and scientific novation.

Currently, 371 testing methods are included in the accreditation area of the Institute. These methods cover various types of analysis and almost completely ensure the implementation of the official state supervision programs.

Customers can express their gratitude, proposals and complaints by writing to email address or as well as by phone +371 67808973.

Accreditation certificates

Certificate of testing laboratories (in Latvian)
Certificate of testing laboratories (in English)
Certificate of Medical Microbiology Laboratory (in Latvian)
Certificate of Calibration Laboratory (in Latvian)

Accreditation fields:

Accreditation fields of testing laboratories (LATAK T 012)

Accreditation field of Medical Microbiology Laboratory (LATAK_M_ 505)

Accreditation field of Calibration Laboratory(LATAK_ K_360)