The Quality Division coordinates work of the quality management system in the Diagnostics Centre of “BIOR” Institute. The Quality Division updates the newest information and provides consultations in quality management. It also maintains and updates the data base of structural units of the Institute in the area of quality management (operational instructions, forms, information about accreditation, testing areas).

The Quality Division ensures the compliance with the regulations in storage and archiving of the documents of the Institute and organises archiving of the documents.

The specialists of the Division plan and perform audits in the laboratories of the Institute and perform internal auditor training. 

The head of the Division is in charge of the registration and examination of complaints/proposals, the control over the corrective and preventive activities assigned in the result of the examination of complaints, and the evaluation of the efficiency of these activities. Customers can express their gratitude, proposals and complaints by sending them to email address: or as well as by calling at +371 67620903.

The Quality Division provides information about the newest regulatory provisions. Pursuant to the request of the laboratory, the Divisions provide regulatory provisions (standards, testing methods) and ensure updating and achieving of documents.

The Quality Division organises inter-laboratory comparative testing and prepares the annual plan It also coordinates and registers the fulfilment of the plan. The Quality Division prepares reports regarding inter-laboratory comparative testing results.