The Aquaculture Research and Education Centre of Fish farm “Tome” of the Scientific Institute “BIOR” operates since February 3, 2016.

Zivju audzētavas "Tome" izglītojošās lekcijas
Lecture at The Aquaculture Research and Education Centre of the Fish farm “Tome” of  the Scientific Institute “BIOR”

The research centre organises seminaries, conducts theoretical and practical training of specialists as well as provides consultations for fish breeders in Latvia.
The aim and objective of the centre is to make aquaculture studies and to organise practical and theoretical training for new and experienced specialists. The research is made in research fish breeding lines of the centre and in hatcheries of the institute. The centre ensures a suitable place and circumstances for the training and work of the researchers. It also provides consultations in fish breeding and ihtiopathology and summarizes the results of the research conducted as well as informs the society (seminaries, publications, reports in the website of the Institute, etc.).
The studies conducted are linked with the improvement of the quality of fish fries by using various substances enhancing immunity as well as by perfecting fish breeding and cultivation processes. Close link between the research centre and state hatcheries open a possibility to involve high level experienced specialists in the research work.
Two experimental fish breeding lines that have been established perform various practical research activities that are necessary for the sector in the areas of aquaculture and ihtiopathology. This is the first step as well as serves as the scientific basis and support for the planned fish breeding bank at Fish Farm “Tome”.
It is planned to construct Stage 2 newly established fish breeding, research and education centre of the scientific institute “BIOR” by year 2020 as well as by receiving financial support from the European Fisheries Fund.
The director of the scientific institute "BIOR", Aivars Bērziņš, admits “we have a truly ambitious aim to become one of leading aquaculture research centres in the Baltics.
The Aquaculture Research and Education Centre is an important supplement to the scientific infrastructure of the institute “BIOR”. It will provide substantial support to the sector of aquaculture of Latvia in general as well as strengthen international cooperation of “BIOR” in the area of aquaculture.
Interested persons can receive practical training, to receive technological and production consultations as well as to receive necessary information about breeding processes of specific species of fish. In such a way, it fosters the development of professional aquaculture sector in Latvia.

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Aquaculture Research and Education Centre
Mārcis Ziņģis The head of the Aquaculture Research and Education Centre of the Institute “BIOR”
Address: Fish Farm “Tome”, Ķegums, LV-5020, Latvia
Telephone: +371 20232017
Telephone: +371 65038111
Fax: +371 65038110