Institute "BIOR"

is a research centre of national importance which develops innovative research methods and creates new practically applicable knowledge in the following areas of science: public and environmental health, food, fishery and veterinary medicine. In the area of its competence, Institute "BIOR" with its excellent research, technical and developed human resource base is leader in the region.

Scientific Institute "BIOR" employs a team of experts and professionals who are institutionally independent due to their leading position in research and science as well as due to the fact that they follow the highest ethical standards and good scientific praxis.

Mission of Institute "BIOR"

is to care for public and animal health, food and environmental quality as well as for sustainable use of fish and other water biological resources by performing research work corresponding to international standards, by performing high quality scientific expert examinations and laboratory examinations, and by providing services at international level.

Vision of Institute "BIOR"

is to become one of the leading centres in the European Union in the area of science, laboratory examinations and knowledge transfer. In long term, scientific excellence of Institute "BIOR" will ensure knowledge based development of the research culture in the areas of food, animal health, fishery and environment. Laboratories of Institute "BIOR" will use practical value of knowledge and science for developing the sectors of national economy which enhances entrepreneurship and competitiveness.