Research project proposal No. “Development and application of mass spectrometric methods for the occurrence assessment of regulated and emerging mycotoxins in agricultural and dairy products in Latvia” was approved under activity “Post-doctoral Research Aid” specific objective 1.1.1 “To increase the research and innovation capacity of scientific institutions of Latvia and their ability to attract external funding by investing in human resources and infrastructure” of operational programme “Growth and Employment”. 

The scientific objective of the project is to enhance management and control of emerging and regulated mycotoxins in foodstuff in order to facilitate profitability and high added value of the Latvian national agricultural products. The project proposes gaining increased capacity of post doctorate at “BIOR” for the development and application of new reliable multi-component mass-spectrometric methods to assess mycotoxins in the agricultural products (cereals, herbs, spices and dairy foods) of the Latvian market. The aim of the research bases on the practical importance of advanced determination of factors related to mycotoxin production in food and development of reliable mitigation methods to increase safety of food products. 

The project will promote public awareness of food quality and safety and ensure the knowledge transfer to stakeholders (technological and know-how descriptions, 4 – publications, 5 – conferences, 1 – patent). The proposal will strengthen the control of Latvian food quality and safety characteristics regarded to strengthening of product competitiveness in the EU markets.

The cooperation institution is The State Education Development Agency (SEDA). Project duration is 36 months. Total costs are 133 806 EUR where 85% is financed by European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). 


4th of July, 2017