The seventh stage news of the ERDF project No.

During the seventh stage of the Project No. / 16 / A / 258, within the first and third activities, descriptions of the developed instrumental analytical and molecular biology methods have been completed in Latvian and English.

Within the framework of the second activity, studies on the spread of antibiotics in animal products were continued, using previously developed analytical mass spectrometry methods. More than 50 meat samples from different Latvian slaughterhouses were analyzed using the standard HPLC-QqQ-MS / MS method and information on the distribution of the veterinary medicinal product was used to evaluate the developed FT-ICR-MS method. 

In parallel, experiments were performed on the correlation between HPLC-QqQ-MS / MS and FT-ICR-MS method for the measurement results of the distribution of veterinary medicinal products. FT-ICR-MS shows satisfactory sensitivity and accuracy to evaluate the compliance of results with EU legislation. At the same time, in terms of execution speed, FT-ICR-MS surpasses the classic HPLC-QqQ-MS / MS procedure.

In the study of biological contaminants, work on the creation of a database of pathogenic bacteria of food origin was continued at the seventh stage of the project, adding bacterial genome characterisation. During the reference period, 56 Listeria innocua cultures were sequenced and full genome sequencing was performed for 60 Salmonella isolates. The isolates originated from food products, animal feed, environmental samples from the production chain, and feces from chickens and laying hens. The resulting sequences are used in the epidemiological investigation of the current outbreaks of salmonella in Latvia.

To ensure the transfer of knowledge and public information about the results of the project in relation to environmental chemical pollutants, a poster was prepared and presented to the "Research Night 2018." within the chemical tunnel called "From Darkness to Light" and the motto "Through the Unknown to the Known through the Dark to the Light". More than 1200 visitors, including 19 students from all over Latvia, attended the Institute's BIOR event “Research Night 2018.”.

The total project costs: EUR 448 530,90 (the planned ERDF aid (85%): EUR 381 251,26 and state budget aid (7, 5%): EUR 33 639,82). Implementation of the project is scheduled at the duration of thirty months (period: 01.03.2017. - 30.08. 2019).

Information prepared on 27.12.2018.