Progress report of the eleventh period of post-doctoral research project

During the 11th period (01.07.2021.-30.09.2021.):

  • A research visit to Lappeenranta Technical University in Finland has started, and it is led by professor Tuomo Sainio ( During the visit, it is planned to carry out research to supplement the previous results - sorption studies in column mode, using the previously described biosorbents, such as pea skins and buckwheat husks. It is also planned to get acquainted with their experience in working with ICP-MS Agilent 7900x equipment under the guidance of chemical engineer Liisa Puro.
  • Participation in the Parma Summer School 2021 - Food Safety of Integrated Food Systems has taken place. As well as in the seminar Novel Foods and Technologies.
  • A scientific publication on the characterization of the biosorbents is being prepared. Publication will provide extensive information on various parameters such as specific surface area, hydraulic conductivity, concentration of pesticide residues and heavy metals, as well as standard parameters such as ash content and pH of biosorbents.
  • Based on the experience and knowledge gained during the project, a draft project application has been prepared for one of the following project calls on the use of biosorbents in the adsorption of toxic metals from fruit juices and other beverages, such as wines.
  • A list of literature on the use of biosorbents for the adsorption of toxic metals and other contaminants from fruit and vegetable juices has been created and published -
  • Theses for the international conference EcoBalt 2021 (October 21st -23rd) has been submitted. Participation in the conference has been confirmed.

The cooperating institution - The State Education Development Agency (SEDA). The duration of the project - 36 months. Total costs - 133 805.88 EUR, of which 85% (113 734.98 EUR) is financed by European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

Information prepared: 15.10.2021.