Invitation to submit preliminary offer for contract value determination

Institute of Food Safety, Animal Health and Environment “BIOR” seeks a European company having practical experience and resources that could:


  1. Design an experimental research fish farm facility introducing innovative and efficient technological solutions.
  2. Execute construction works where priority will always be accommodating technology in the best possible way and continuous co-operation between designer of building, designer of technology and construction team.
  3. Ensure timely delivery and installation of the necessary equipment and training of personnel in relation of the use of technologies and equipment.

Interested parties are invited to submit tentative offers structured in accordance with specification further in this document with as much detail as possible – for each of 16 units/sections.

If such a detailed estimate is not possible currently, the minimum breakdown of the offer should be structured as follows:

  1. Design of the building and civil works.
  2. Design of aquaculture technology.
  3. Construction works.
  4. Delivery of the equipment and technology installation.

Applied procurement procedure will be competitive procedure with negotiation. After receiving tentative offers, selected companies will be invited to interviews for clarification of their offer approach and technology solution. It is possible that more than one technology company will be invited to deliver their services.

Deadline for submitting offers is November 30th, 2019

Offers are to be submitted electronically via e-mail to:

In case of questions please contact Mr Jānis Baltačs (phone. +371 29258675, e-mail:

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