Project RETROUT is finalised

The active phase of the implementation of RETROUT project is successfully finished. Main focus of this project is development, promotion and sustainable management of the Baltic Sea Region as a coastal fishing tourism destination yet it is possible only when resources of target species are in good status. Institute of Food Safety, Animal Health and Environment BIOR was involved in group of activities related to the improvement of sea trout status – assessment of sea trout river ant stock status, evaluation of completed restoration projects, demonstration of efficient river restoration measures and development of best practices and recommendation for river restoration projects.

Photo: J.Bajinskis
Photo: J.Bajinskis

Final Conference recording available here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vvS5BbqFozo

Movie “BLUE Growth”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JgJmBaxVSsk&t=1806s

The main results will be published in the HELCOM Baltic Sea Environment Proceedings.

For more detailed information please visit project official website: www.retrout.org


The total costs of the project are EUR 3 131 779.61 where ERDF funding is EUR 2 544 710.38 or

85%. Institute's "BIOR" part is 105 451.43 with ERDF funding EUR 89,633.71 or 85% and EUR 5,817.72 or 15% co-financing.



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