Research and Scientific activities

The goal of the Institute of Food Safety, Animan Health and Environment "BIOR" is to contribute to solving of scientific problems in public and animal health, food businesses competitiveness and sustainable use of environmental and fishery resources by:

  1. creating new, useful and usable knowledge and promoting their implementation in practice;
  2. assessing risks and developing scientific basis for preventive measures;
  3. assessing the knowledge generated in other countries, their suitability to Latvian conditions and facilitating the transfer.

Institute of Food Safety, Animan Health and Environment "BIOR" operates in the areas of basic and applied research, development, approbation and implementation of new techniques and technologies.

The Institute carries out interdisciplinary research projects. Scientists from "BIOR" have been engaged in researches which, in accordance with the classification of scientific fields, are related to biology, chemistry, medicine, food science, veterinary and environmental science sectors.

Main research areas of the Institute:

  • food and environmental hygiene;
  • veterinary medicine/animal health;
  • fisheries research. 

Scientific staff of the Institute  

There are 383 employees in the Institute of Food Safety, Animal Health and Environment “BIOR”. 50 of them are scientific staff and 98 - service staff.  There are 126 employees with a university degree, 66 with Master's degree and 11 employees have a Doctoral degree.
Many of employees have an experience of the scientific work gained by participation in national and international research projects.

  • 11 senior research scientists with a Doctoral degree in the following areas of science: analytical chemistry, biology, veterinary medicine and engineering.  
  • 39 research scientists with Master’s degree in natural sciences (chemistry, biology), veterinary medicine, food technology, engineering, quality management, economics, information technology, public management. 
  • 28 scientific assistants with a Master's degree in food technology and hygiene, veterinary medicine, chemical technology and biology and with a bachelor's degree in veterinary medicine, biology, chemical technology, medicine (epidemiology) and  zootechnics.


Researchers actively take part in various international congreses, conferences, symposia, seminars and meetings. Information of society is actively provided also through the mass media.
The Institute "BIOR" also organizes regular international scientific conferences: 

  • 3rd International Conference on Laboratory Diagnostics in Veterinary Medicine, Food and Environmental Safety,
    Riga, 15-16 September, 2011 
  • 2nd International Veterinary Laboratory Scientific and Applied Conference "Laboratory diagnostics today and its future challanges",
    Riga, 27-28 August , 2009   

List of scientific publications 

publications 2013 (237.69 Kb)

publications 2010.-2013 (204.65 Kb)
publications (244.13 Kb)

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